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State gears up for “ObamaCare”

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It’s not too often I get a story posted on the front page of any of our newspapers’ web sites. More often that’s because we don’t have compelling art (or any art, for that matter) to go with the story. Fortunately, a story I worked on today on the Dept. of Insurance had file art and it ran on the front page.

The story:

SPRINGFIELD — Michael McRaith knows he has a lot of work ahead of him.

As director of the Illinois Department of Insurance, his agency is responsible for implementing many of the key initiatives in the recently approved national health care reform legislation.

Some of the changes took effect immediately, but others will take years to carry out. Either way, much of implementation will fall on the shoulders of the state.

“At the state level, we will be developing, supervising and enforcing the regulatory changes that national reform has required,” McRaith said. “Many of those are completely new to the state of Illinois.”


I tried to make this feature-y, obviously. I thought maybe that would make it different than the bazillion other articles on health care reform. I think it worked.

Written by csessig

April 2, 2010 at 5:26 pm