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Committee frenzy and other legislative happenings

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The state legislature has been busy the last few weeks as lawmakers settle in for the long legislative session. Obviously, the budget will take center stage throughout the year as many try to grapple with the worst fiscal calamity the state has seen in quite some time.

But that hasn’t stopped lawmakers from pressing other issues early in the session, many of which I’ve covered. This post is a quick look at some of the issues I’ve been assigned in the last two weeks.

Most items are just making there way to a Senate or House committee, which is only the first step in a very long and sometimes complicated process to become law.

– But at least two pieces of legislation are quickly making there way out of the Senate:

– But like I said, most of the measures are simply getting “yeas” in committee, meaning they still have a long way to go before becoming law:

– Other proposed laws aren’t making much progress in committee:

– Some haven’t gotten assigned to a committee…and may not:

– And still other suggestions aren’t even bills yet:

The point is it is still very early in the legislative session. I doubt all of these will eventually become law but you never know. Stay tuned…

Written by csessig

February 27, 2010 at 2:20 pm