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For a list of some of the projects I’ve worked on while at the Texas Tribune, visit my author page.

Other Texas Tribune projects:
– Chart: Lawmakers who received the most real estate, construction money
– Charts: ASATR funding in Texas
– Charts: TEXAS grant awards
– Table: Convicted Texas employees who qualify for pensions

For a list of some of the projects I’ve worked on while working at the The Gazette, visit their data page.

Other The Gazette projects:
– Chart: Branstad names no Democrats to pick Iowa judges
– Map: Board of Supervisors vote in Linn County
– Website: Election 2016 results page
– Ruby on Rails website: Hoopla
– Map multiples: Heroin’s hold in Iowa
– Maps: Precinct-by-precinct caucus results for the Democratic race and Republican race
– Website: Live Iowa caucus 2016 results
– Charts: Who’s getting parking tickets in Cedar Rapids?
– Charts: “Shall issue” in Iowa
– Redesign: Article template on The Gazette
– Story: Between the lines
– Ruby on Rails app: Dataset uploader for The Gazette
– Chart: Trails built in Cedar Rapids since 1975
– Analysis: Many school employees didn’t vote in last school board election
– Website redesign: KCRG (Broken link. You can get an idea of what our redesign looked like using the Wayback Machine but unfortunately, all the images are broken)
– Chart: Racial disparities at Cedar Rapids schools (The Gazette)
– Graph: Something about Mary…Palmberg (The Gazette)
– Story: How Iowa, Iowa State and UNI stack up in six charts (The Gazette)
– Story: Iowa’s rural health systems facing challenges (The Gazette)
– Website redesign: The Gazette
– Website: Obituaries and Milestones (The Gazette)
– Website: Fact Checker (The Gazette)
– Story: A violent year in Cedar Rapids (The Gazette)
– Story: The Harkin Legacy (The Gazette)
– Website: Election 2014 for KCRG (KCRG – Broken link)
– Graph: Percentage of black students suspended at Cedar Rapids schools (KCRG – Broken link)
– Website: Iowa Hawkeyes (The Gazette)
– Website: Friday Night Lights for KCRG (KCRG – Broken link)
– Map: Seniors, disabled Americans impacted by Medicare changes (People For Quality Care/VGM)

*Note: There are a few links to projects I did for KCRG that are now dead. KCRG was owned by The Gazette but was sold in 2015. When they got a new site in December, all links to old stories stopped working.

Coding templates:
These skeleton templates allow us to create projects faster:

For a full list of projects I’ve worked on while working at the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, visit their news apps & interactives page.

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November 10, 2011 at 11:50 pm

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