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First story in the St. Louis Dispatch

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I don’t talk about them much, but the St. Louis Dispatch is actually a Lee Newspaper, along with the five newspapers I intern for. I don’t talk about the newspaper much because they have their own bureau inside the Statehouse and their own PAR intern. So my articles haven’t ran in their newspaper. That, however, changed yesterday. An article I wrote on a proposed law that would, as the newspaper says, “put front license plates on the chopping block” ran online and received a ton of comments. Here is an excerpt:

SPRINGFIELD — Drivers in Illinois would only be required to have only one license plate on their vehicle, under legislation pending in the Illinois House.

The proposed law would require drivers to have one license plate in the rear of their vehicle, changing the current law that requires license plates in both the front and back of a registered vehicle.

State Rep. Jerry Mitchell, R-Sterling, said he is sponsoring the measure because it would save the state $1 million a year.

And an image!

Here’s the link.

While this is by no means a big story, it’s still pretty cool to see my article printed in the newspaper. This is, by far, the largest newspaper I’ve been published in. I have a feeling they will run a few of our articles during the spring legislative session, but it will have to be on subjects they aren’t covering…It should be interesting to see how involved they get. Here’s hoping for the best!

Written by csessig

January 23, 2010 at 11:33 am

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